ANIIMS Administrative Wing

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Choubey Director

       Administrative Office Staff
Name Designation
1 Ms. Manju Thomas Section Incharge(Admin) and PA to Director
2 Ms. Priya Minj Section Incharge (Store & Procurement)
3 Mr. Sumit Lall Section Incharge (Finance)
4 Mr. Sujeet Kumar Mazumdar Section-Incharge (Legal)
Name Designation
1 Ms. Preethi Singh Section Executive
2 Mr. Ramkumar S Section Executive
Name Designation
1 Mr. Jamal Ud Deen Data Entry Operator
2 Mr. Vinod Kumar Palina Data Entry Operator
3 Mr. James Data Entry Operator
4 Mr. Y. Anoop Data Entry Operator
5 Ms. S. Renu Data Entry Operator
6 Ms. Renjini C. Data Entry Operator
7 Ms. Shamina Bibi Data Entry Operator
8 Mr. Shyam Babu Data Entry Operator
9 Mr. V. Ramesh Data Entry Operator
10 Ms. Baby Shikha Data Entry Operator
Name Designation
1 Ms. V. Shantha Kumari Office Assistant
2 Ms. Jenny Mathew Office Assistant
3 Ms. Shabnam Office Assistant
4 Ms. Dhanalaxmi Office Assistant
5 Mr. A. Hemanand Office Assistant
6 Mr. R. Devendran Office Assistant
7 Ms. Jessy Mathew Office Assistant
8 Mr. Sukh Sagar Singh Office Assistant
Name Designation
1 Ms. V. Vanitha Store Keeper Cum Clerk
2 Ms. Saranya Store Keeper Cum Clerk
3 Ms. T. Shameema Banu Store Keeper Cum Clerk
4 Mr. Mohd. Basil Store Keeper Cum Clerk
5 Ms. K. Padma Priya Store Keeper Cum Clerk
Name Designation
1 Mr. Biswajit Roy Social Worker
Name Designation
1 Mr. James Lalit Palasker Audio-Visual Technician
2 Mr. Kanai Bhattacharjee Audio-Visual Technician
3 Mr. Arup Kumar Adhikary Photographer
Name Designation
1 Ms. Deepika Kishen Artist
2 Ms. Nidhi Thakur Artist
Name Designation
1 Mr. M. Kannan Multi-Tasking Staff
2 Mr. Rohit Kindu Multi-Tasking Staff
3 Mr. Solomon Prem Kumar Multi-Tasking Staff
4 Ms. Manisha Kirtonia Multi-Tasking Staff
5 Ms. Sabnam Nisha Multi-Tasking Staff
6 Ms. Gomati Multi-Tasking Staff
7 Ms. Yashoda Krishna Multi-Tasking Staff
8 Mr. N. Mohammed Safeer Multi-Tasking Staff
9 Ms. S. Sneha Multi-Tasking Staff
10 Ms. Mausami Biswas Multi-Tasking Staff
Name Designation
1 Mr. Bal Govind Baraik Hostel Care Taker
2 Mr. Someshwar Rao G. Hostel Care Taker
3 Ms. Joyce Sikdar Hostel Care Taker
4 Ms. Neela Bai Hostel Care Taker

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