Department of Anatomy

List of Teaching Staff
S.No Name Qualification Designation Registration UG/PG Date of Joining Contact No Email
1 Dr. Ganesh N Trivedi MS Anatomy Prof & Head
2 Dr. Sumit Tulshidas Patil MD Anatomy Associate Prof. UG-2004/12/3781- Maharashtra Medical Council
PG- 2004/12/3781 - Maharashtra Medical Council
02/04/2015 7063956241
3 Dr. Urmila Sinha MS Anatomy Asst Prof UG- 34161 - Bihar Council of Medical Registration
PG- 13-14181 - Medical Council of India
18/02/2015 7063956226
4 Dr. Jessie James MS Anatomy Asst Prof UG-30618 - Punjab Medical Council
PG- 30618 - Punjab Medical Council
26/03/2016 7478460043
5 Dr. Vaibhav Anjankar MD Anatomy Asst Prof UG- 2006/01/280- Maharastra Medical Council
PG- 2006/01/280- Maharastra Medical Council
31/03/2016 9422856368
6 Dr. Sachin Jagannath Patil MD Anatomy Asst Prof UG-2004/09/3269- Maharastra Medical Council
PG- 56959 - Delhi Medical Council
29/03/2016 9474202316
7 Dr. Deepa Devadas MD Anatomy Tutor UG- 39150 - Travancore Cochin Council
PG- 39150 - Travancore Cochin Council
18/01/2016 9933207244
8 Dr. Ashok Pal Govind MD Anatomy Tutor M G University
RGUHS, Bangalore
List of Non-Teaching Staff
Name Designation
Shri. Vasuki Technical Assistant
Shri. A Molli Technician
Ms. Dipika Kisan Modeller
Ms. Nidhi Thakur Modeller
Mr. J Sri Hari Dissection Hall Attendant
Mr. S. Pradeep Dissection Hall Attendant
Mr. D. Baburao Dissection Hall Attendant
Shri. Johnson David Raj Dissection Hall Attendant
Shri. James Steno typist
Shri. Y. Anoop Store Keeper – cum – clerk
Ms. Mamta Biswas Sweeper
Ms. Maheshwari Sweeper


The Human anatomy is a basic science in medical education. The Anatomy Department stand as backbone in medical institute and it is an active pre-clinical department largely devoted to teaching Human anatomy to medical students. The department is located in pre-clinical block of the institute; it stands close to the Boys hostel. The department has highly qualified and experienced faculty to guide the students. The department is equipped with an air conditioned Dissection hall, Histology lab, Museum, Research lab and Department library for staff members. 

Infrastructural facilities:

Number: 02
Size : 45 Sq metre (each)
Capacity : 50 Students
Audio-Visual equipment available: LED Projector, Chalk and Green board, X ray viewing boxes

Departmental LIBRARY-cum-Seminar Room :
Number: 01
Size : 25 Sq metre
Capacity : 10
No. of books in Anatomy and allied subjects : 90
List of Journals : 01 [Journal of Anatomical Society of India]

Number: 01
Size : 200 Sq metre
Capacity : 100 students
Tables : Big 15, Small 06
No. of student lockers : 100

Dissection Hall: The air conditioned dissection hall can accommodate 100 students. The knowledge on gross structure of the human body is gained through cadaver dissections, study of bones supplemented by studying the surface anatomy on mummified body, radiological anatomy by using X-ray and CT scan. The dissection hall containing dissection tables, X-ray lobby, Cooling cabinet for preserving bodies, Storage tanks, Articulated skeletons, Disarticulated bones, Meat cutting machine, Band saw, Embalming table and machine. 

Histology lab: The air conditioned laboratory can accommodate 50 students to learn the microscopic anatomy by studying prepared sections of various tissues under the microscope. The histology laboratory is well equipped with Slide Projector for demonstration, individual microscope for each student, set of slides for each student and labelled photomicrographs are procured for interpreting the slides.

Museum:  Museum of anatomy department has large number of wet specimens, dry specimens, Skeleton, X-ray viewing boxes, exclusive charts, models (Gross & Embryology).

Research lab: The lab is well equipped with all the instruments which are necessary for research in gross anatomy, neuro-anatomy, microscopic anatomy, osteology and anthropology.

Looking Ahead: The department is in the process of initiating the Body donation programme and videotaping the dissections.

Research Publications in last 3 years:

  1. U. Sinha, U. S. Sahay, S. A. Athavale, R. Deopujari, S. Kumar. Comparative study of cardiac size by chest X-ray and echocardiography. Journal of the Anatomical Society of India, 62 (2013) 28-32.
  2. Deopujari. R, Sinha U, athavale S.A. Anatomy of Left Atrioventricular Valve (Mitral Valve) Leaflets in Adult Indian Cadavers. Int. J. Morphol., 2013, 31(4): 1276-1281.
  3. Anil Kumar Reddy Y, Sheela Grace Jeevamani1, Indira Vijay Ingole, Raghavendra. A Study   On   Sexual Differences Of The   Humerus In Tamilnadu Region Population. Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2014;3(1):43-46.
  4. Anil Kumar Reddy Yelicharla, Ujwal Gajbe, Brijraj Singh. Morphometric Study on Cruciate Ligaments Of Knee With Gender Differences: A Cadaveric Study. Asian Pac. J. Health Sci., 2014; 1(3): 285-291.
  5. Anil kumar Reddy, Brijraj Singh, Ujwal Gajbe, Raghavendra. K. Coeliac Trunk and Its Variations: A Cadaveric Study. J D M I M S U,  2014; Vol. 9 No. 2: 74-76.
  6. Ravi Kiran Morampuri, Anil Kumar Reddy Yelicharla, Pooja Gangrade. Incidence of Accessory Head of Biceps Brachi Muscle in Chhattisgarh Population. Sch. J. App. Med. Sci., 2015; 3(1E):338-341.
  7. Ramamurthi KS, Anil kumar Reddy Y. Anatomical Study Of Sacral Hiatus For Successful Caudal Epidural Block. Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2013; 2(3):496-500.
  8. Vidhya Ramakrishnan1, Anil kumar Reddy Y, Aruna. S, Balaji Thotakura, Suba Ananthi. Variations Of Superficial Palmar Arch & Its Clinical Significanc.  Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2014; 3(1):144-148.
  9. Raghavendra, K. Anil kumar Reddy Y, V.S Shirol, Daksha Dixit, S P Desai. Morphometric Analysis of Septal Aperture of Humerus. Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2014;3(2):269-272.
  10. Raghavendra, Shirol VS, Daksha Dixit, Anil Kumar Reddy Y, Desai SP. Circle Of Willis And Its Variations: Morphometric Study In Adult Cadaver Of North Karnatak. Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2014; 3(2):394-400.
  11. Brij Raj Singh, Ujwal Gajbe, Amit Agrawal, Anil kumar Reddy Y, Sunita Bhartiya. Ventricles Of Brain: A Morphometric Study By Computerized Tomography. Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2014; 3(2): 381-387.
  12. Srinivas Rao K,  Madhusudhana Rao V, Anil kumar Reddy Y. A Proof Of Concept Prototype For Novel Synthetic Bone Substitute Consisting Of A Nano Composite Of Extracellular Matrix And Hydroxyapatite. Sch. J. App. Med. Sci., 2014; 2(4C):1310-1314.
  13. Ujwal Gajbe, Brijraj Singh, Anil Kumar Reddy. Observational Study On Morphometric Analysis Of Dry Human Humerus In Central Indian Population. JDMIMSU, 2014; 9 (1): 38-41.
  14. Brijraj Singh, Ujwal Gajbe, Anil kumar Reddy, Vandana Kumbhare. Histological Changes In Kidneys Of Adult Rats Treated With Monosodium Glutamate: A Light Microscopic Study” accepted for publication in Int J Med Res Health Sci on 04/08/14.
  15. A. Arun Kumar, Sudha Seshyyan, V. Tamilalagan, M. sindou. Surgical Anatomy of Dorsal Root Entry Zone of cervical spinal nerves: cadaveric study. Internation journal of anatomy and research, 2014, Vol 2 (2): 296-304.

Awards/Achievements received by the faculty:

Name of the Faculty



Dr. Urmila Sinha

Assistant Professor

Trained in Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technologies held at peoples College & Medical Sciences

Mr. Anil Kumar Reddy. Y


Trained in Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technologies held by the MCI Nodal Centre, JNMC, Sawangi, Wardha.


  • Creating awareness on voluntary body donation.
  • Acceptance of body donation from public is done; received body is preserved and utilized for research and academic purpose.
  • Private embalming is available for transport.

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