Department of Biochemistry

List of Teaching Staff
S.No Name of Faculty Designation Qualifications Registration No. Date of Joining Contact No. Email Id
1 Dr. Gautam Sarkar Professor & Head MBBS, MD
2 Dr. Praveen Sablania Associate Professor MBBS, MD UG - 11408 Delhi Medical Council
PG - 11408 Delhi Medical Council
19-2-2015 +91-7063956217
3 Dr. Jyothi M.P D'Souza Associate Professor MBBS, MD UG - 61509 Karnataka Medical Council
PG - 61509 Karnataka Medical Council
10-08-2016 09743702678
4 Dr. Prerna Singh Tutor MBBS, MD UG - 85935 Tamil Nadu Medical Council
PG - 15-17540 Medical Council of India
07.03.2015 9474203032
5 Dr. Debajit Bagchi Tutor MBBS, MD UG - 65733 West Bengal Medical Council
PG - 65733 West Bengal Medical Council
26.03.2016 09433020461
6 Dr. Shivakrsihna Gouroju Tutor PhD Medical Biochemistry --- 02.02.2015 +91-9492374009

List of Non-Teaching Staff
Name Designation
Mrs. Y. Vijay Laxmi Technical Assistant
Mrs. S. Dhanalakshmi Technician
Mr. Mohammed Basil Store Keeper-cum-Clerk
Mr. Sanjay Laboratory Attendant
Mrs. Sangeeta Biswas Sweeper
Mrs. Dipali Majumdar Sweeper


The Department of Biochemistry, Andaman Nicobar Islands Institute of Medical Sciences is involved in the academic, research and diagnostic services for the people of Andaman and Nicobar islands. The academic activities include lecture classes, practicals, tutorials, problem based learning classes, case discussions and seminars. The diagnostic services are performed in the clinical chemistry laboratory which works round the clock to provide quality reports of the investigations asked for the patients admitted in the wards, or those attending the outpatient department of the hospital.

Infrastructural facilities available:

Well- furnished faculty rooms including tutors room, office, Departmental library (with Television and other audio visual aids), Undergraduate practical laboratory, Preparation room, Research laboratory and a Clinical chemistry laboratory.

Number: 01
Size : 45 Sq metre
Capacity : 50 Students
Audio-Visual equipment available: LED Projector

Size : 137 Sq metre
Capacity: 60 students
Preparation room: Size : 23 Sq metre , Capacity : 10
Audio-Visual equipment available: Green board, LED Projector

Size : 23 Sq metre
Capacity : 15
No. of Books in Biochemistry and allied subjects: 80
List of Journals: 01 (Kept at central library)

Size : 45 Sq metre
Equipment: Semi Micro balance, Vortex Mixer, Incubators, colorimeter, spectrophotometer, flame photometer, etc..

Size (Central lab) : 120 Sq metre
Investigative equipment available : Auto Analyzer, Semi Auto Analyzer, Electrolyte Analyzer, Refrigerators, Incubators, Hot air oven, Centrifuge mixers, etc.

List of Staff at Central Laboratory
Name Designation Qualification
Mr. Muthu Pandian Technical Assistant Dip. In Lab. Tech
Smti. Sadhna Kumari Lab Technician Dip. In Lab. Tech
Mr. Ajay Saha Lab Technician Dip. In Lab. Tech
Mr. Linu Alex Lab Technician Dip. In Lab. Tech
Smti. Amina Bibi Lab Technician Dip. In Lab. Tech
Mr. Santosh Lab Technician Dip. In Lab. Tech
Smti. Rijiya Lab Technician Dip. In Lab. Tech

Dr. P.Sablania MBBS, MD:

List of Publications/Achievements in last three academic years (2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014) including current academic year (2014-2015).


  1. Circulating levels of C-Peptide (Pancreatic Marker of Insulin Secretion) in Cervical Cancer. Praveen Sablania, Ramesh Chandra Arya, Manoj Kumar Minj et al. Int J Contemp Med 2015, January Vol.3;1: 116-120.
  2. Evaluation of Body Mass Index (BMI) in progression of Cervical Neoplasia. Praveen Sablania, Manoj Kumar Minj, Ramesh Chandra Arya et al. Int J Contemp Med, 2014 (Accepted for publication, 20.11.2014).
  3. Sudden death due to vaso-occlusive crisis of sickle cell anemia: An autopsy diagnosis. Arya RC, Tayade PJ, Minj MK, Arya RS, Sablania P. Int Weekly J Med, 2014 Vol 7;24:34-55.
  4. Fetal hemoglobin & liver dysfunction in sickle cell crisis. SumantaPanigrahi, Praveen Sablania, PK Khodiar et al. Indian J Public Health Res & Dev. 2011 Vol 2;1:82-85.

Other Academic achievements:

  1. Vice President for ‘State level workshop on Medical Education Technology’, C.G. Institute of Medical Sciences, Bilaspur, C.G., July, 2013.
  2. Organizing Secretary for ‘CME programme on Management of Clinical Lab Services’, C.G. Institute of Medical Sciences, Bilaspur, C.G. & Indian Medical Association, C.G. Chapter, January, 2013.
  3. Co-guide for M.Tech (Biotechnology) dissertation entitled ‘A comparative evaluation of oxidative status of erythrocytes in normal and sickle cell disease patients’, Pt. JNM Medical College, Raipur, C.G., 2011.
  4. Co-guide for M.Sc. (Biochemistry) dissertation entitled ‘Purification of hemoglobin by ion exchange chromatography & identification by peptide mass fingerprinting’. Pt JNM Medical College, Raipur, C.G., 2011.
  5. Co-guide for M.Sc. (Medical Genetics) thesis entitled ‘Correlation of Xmn-I gene polymorphism and fetal hemoglobin in sickle cell disease’. Pt JNM Medical College, Raipur, C.G., 2011.

Dr. Prerna Singh MBBS, MD:

  1. Bobby Z, Radhika MR, Nandeesha H, Balasubramanian A, Prerna S, Archana N, et al. Formulation of multiple choice questions as a revision exercise at the end of a teaching module in biochemistry. Biochem Mol Educ 2012 May;40(3):169-173
  2. Prerna singh, M.G. Sridhar, Medha Rajappa, Balachander J, Tamilarasu Kadhiravan. Adiponectin-Resistain index and its storg association with acute coronary syndrome in south Indian men. Clinical chem. Lab. Med.

Mr. Sivakrishna Gouroju M.Sc. Ph.D. Medical Biochemistry:

  1. V. S. Reddy, S. Gouroju, M. M. Suchitra, V. Suresh, A. Sachan, P. V. L. N. Srinivasa Rao, A. R. Bitla Antioxidant Defense in Overt and Subclinical Hypothyroidism. Horm Metab Res 2013; 45(10): 754-758.
  2. Shivakrishna G, Seshadri Reddy Varikasuvu, Aparna R. Bitla, Alok Sachan, Suresh V., Lalitha Devi S., Srinivasa Rao PVLN, Suchitra M.M. Evaluation of Dyslipidemia, Lipid Ratios and Atherogenic Index as Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Overt and Subclinical Hypothyroid Patients. National Journal of Laboratory Medicine. 2013 Sep, Vol 2(3): 11-15.
  3. Muni sekhar.K, Arpana bhide, Hemalatha, Shiva Krishna G. Comparision of energy expenditure during walking and running on track before and after training in young healthy adult women. Int J Physiother Res 2013;01(4):143-47.
  4. Arpana Bhide, Kaarna Munisekhar, D. Hemalatha, Shiva Krishna Gouroju. Pulmonary Function Tests in Petrol Pump Workers In Chittoor District. International Journal of Physiotherapy and Research 2014;2(1):354-358.
  5. Jayanthi, Bitla AR, sachan A, Shivakrishna G, Srinivasa rao PVLN. Noval cardiovascular risk markers in hypothyroidism patients. J Clin Sci Res 20114;3:286-7.
  6. Reddy Y S, Kiranmyi VS, Bitla AR, Krishna GS, Rao PS, Shiva kumar V. Nitric oxide status in patients with chronic kidney disease. Indian Journal of Nephrology. 2015.
  7. G. Madhavi latha, K.sarala, Shivakrishna Gouroju. Effect of Construction and flour mill air pollution in rural area. Int. Jlntg Med Sci 2015;2(2):49-54.


The clinical chemistry laboratory functions 24 x 7 to provide quality reports of many blood chemistry parameters and hormone assays. The samples are received for analyses from the outpatient departments, wards and casualty. The records are maintained in the record register. Recently, the college has started with services to provide reports of the patients via SMS services also.

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