Department of Anatomy

Books recommended for 1st year M.B.B.S. students:

DivisionRecommended Books
General Anatomy1. Handbook of General Anatomy by B.D. Chaurasia, CBS Publishers
Gross Anatomy2. Textbook of Anatomy by B.D. Chaurasia, Volume I, Volume II, Volume III
Neuro-Anatomy3. Textbook of Human Neuro-Anatomy by Vishram Singh
Histology4. Textbook of Human Histology by I.B. Singh, Jaypee Publishers
Embryology5. Langman's Medical Embryology by T.W. Sadler, LWW Publishers
Histology Practical/ Dissection Manual 6. Cunningham's Manual of Practical by G.J. Romanes, Volume I, Volume II, Volume III

Other Items required
a) Apron
b) Dissection box with instruments (Scalpel, forceps, Scissor)
c) Histology Practical Record Book
d) Haematoxylin and Eosin Pencil
e) Ten note books (200 pages) for different sections of Anatomy

Reference Books for 1st year M.B.B.S. students:

1. Gray's Anatomy : The Anatomical basis of clinical practice by Susan Standring,40th Edition, Elsevier Publishers

2. Gray's Anatomy for students by R.L. Drake, Elsevier Publishers

3. Moore clinical oriented Anatomy by Keith L. Moore , 7th Edition, LWW Publishers

4. Clinical Neuro-anatomy by Richard S. Snell, 7th Edison, LWW Publishers

5. Difloris atlas of Histology with functional correlation by Victor P. Eroschenko, 12th Edition, LWW Publishers

6. Textbook of Anatomy of Upper limb & Thorax by Vishram Singh, Volume I, 2nd Edition, Elsevier Publishers

7. Textbook of Anatomy of Abdomen & Lower limb by Vishram Singh, Volume II, 2nd Edition, Elsevier Publishers

8. Textbook of Anatomy of Head, Neck & Brain by Vishram Singh, Volume III, 2nd Edition, Elsevier Publishers

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