Continuing Medical Education (CME's) at ANIIMS

Sl.No Date Topic Presented by Name / Designation Address
1 13-02-2019 Constipation Dr. K.R.Palaniswamy Chennai
2 04-02-2019 Burden of Cancer in the Society Dr.V S Latha MD, DM (Medical Oncologist & Dr.ZNabel Nazeer MS, DMAS, FMAS,FICRS,FIAGES (General Laparoscopic Surgeon)  
3 11-12-2018 High Altitude Medicine Dr. Sandeep Roy, Deputy Commandant Central Armed Police Forces Medical Services, MHA,Govt. of India
4 09-11-2018 Management of Medico legal cases in a hospital: Different problems & solutions Dr. Deepak Herald D'Souza, Prof. and HOD Dept. of FMT, ANIIMS
5 18-09-2018 CABG - Surgical Technique Dr. Ashok Bandhopadyay, CTVS Surgeon Peerless Hospital, Kolkata
6 17-08-2018 Chromobacterium Violaceum in Ascitic Fluid in awith Choronic Liver Disease Dr. Prashant Mule, Tutor Dept. Of Microbiology, ANIIMS
7 17-08-2018 Salvaging the Temporal Islands of Vision Dr.Abhishek Onkar, Assistant Prof. Dept. Of Ophthalmology, ANIIMS
8 20-07-2018 Comparison of cardiac autonomic activity between offsprings of normotensive parents and hypertensive parents Mr. Ashwini Sharma, Tutor Dept. Of Physiology, ANIIMS
9 20-07-2018 A case of Wandering Spleen Dr. S R Patra , Assoc. Prof & Dr. Saji Varghese, Asst Prof Dept. Of Gen. Surgery, ANIIMS
10 11-07-2018 Chronic Liver Disease, Liver Transplant and organ Donation Dr, P Renu Kumar,, organ Transplant Specialist  
11 11-05-2018 Dissociative Disorder (Clinical presentation and management strategies across age groups Dr. S Lohit, Asst Prof, Psychiatry ANIIMS, Port Blair
12 20-04-2018 Three interesting cases in Aortic Coarctation - An unusal cluster for a small NICC Dr. Kaushik, Asst. Prof, Dr. Shivanand, Sr. Resident, Dr. Swetha nair, Jr. Resident Dept. Of Paediatrics, ANIIMS
13 20-04-2018 Rationale Pharmacotherapy Dr. Bhuvaneshwari, Asst Prof, Pharmacology ANIIMS, Port Blair
14 17-04-2018 New Horizons for medical Graduates Dr. Vivek Lal, MD University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA
15 16-03-2018 Orthopedic tumour and tumour like conditions Dr. Nitesh Kaura, Asst. Prof., Dept of Orthopedics & Dr. Chitrawati Bal Gargade, Asst Prof., Dept of Pathology ANIIMS, Port Blair
16 30-07-2016 Obstetric Pressure Prof. Jayam Kannan MGR University, Chennai
17 30-07-2016 Obstetric Anesthesia Dr. A. L. Janardhan, MD Dept. Of Anaesthesiology, ANIIMS
18 30-07-2016 Surgical management in pregnant lady Dr. Saji Varghese, MS, Mch, FIAGES GBPH Port Blair
19 22-07-2016 Typhoid Vaccine Dr. Binod Saha Bharat Biotec International. Hyderabad
20 22-07-2016 Advancement in Cardic Surgery Dr. Ashok Bandhopadyay, CTVS Surgeon Peerless Hospital, Kolkata
21 16-07-2016 Surgeries in CAD & Post Operative management in valve replacement patients Dr. K V Muralidharan, CVTS Surgeon Apollo Speciality, OMR, Chennai
22 16-07-2016 Management of ACS in a Primary /Secondary care Centre Dr. E. D. Arul, MD, DM, Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist Apollo Speciality, OMR, Chennai
23 15-07-2016 Forensic in Missile injuries Dr. Uday Shankar, Assoc. Prof. Forensic Medicine ANIIMS, Port Blair
24 15-07-2016 Missile injuries Dr. Deshpal & ENT Dept ANIIMS, Port Blair
25 25-06-2016 Allergic Asthma Dr. Soumya Das Burdwan Medical college
26 24-06-2016 Save the Uterus Abnormal uterine bleed Dr. Apoorva, Dr. Shanthi Guna Singh, Dr. Hepsiba Indian Menopause Society Chennai chapter
27 10-06-2016 Management of Lung Cancer Dr. P. N. Mahapatra, Oncologist AMRI Hospital, Kolkata
28 10-06-2016 Management of ACS and recent advences in coronary intervention Dr. Uttam Saha, Cardiologist AMRI Hospital, Kolkata
29 28-05-2016 Contraceptives ? what is new Brigader Dr. S. K. Kathpalia (Retd), HOD Obst & Gyne ANIIMS, Port Blair
30 14-05-2016 Management of Rheumatoid arthritis & AS with Biologicals Lt. Gen. Ved Chaturvedi (Retd) SGRH, New Delhi
31 10-05-2016 Current ethical & Regulatory requirements for Clinical Trial & Research Clinical Development Services Agency Faridabad, Haryana-121001
32 09-05-2016 Clinical Trial & Clinical Data management Clinical Development Services Agency Faridabad, Haryana-121001
33 08-05-2016 Good Clinical Practice Clinical Development Services Agency Faridabad, Haryana-121001
34 07-05-2016 Research Methodology Clinical Development Services Agency Faridabad, Haryana-121001
35 07-05-2016 Management of Diabetic Neuropathic pain Dr. Satinath Mukhopadhyay & Dr. Subir Ray  
36 23-04-2016 Evolving option in IBS Dr. Amit Bhalla Zydus Ahmedabad
37 23-04-2016 Emerging treatment option in infections Dr. Amit Bhalla Zydus Ahmedabad
38 22-04-2016 Ultrasound guided block Dr. Anil Kumar, Associate Prof. & Dr. Siddharth Basin, SR Dept. of Anaesthesia, ANIIMS
39 22-04-2016 Brachial plexus Dr. Sumit Patil, Asst. Prof. Anatomy ANIIMS
40 09-04-2016 Diagnostic dilemmas in Epilepsy Dr. S Vani &Dr. Prasad Manne Apollo Children Hospital, Chennai
41 01-04-2016 Soft skills for Medical professionals S. K. Kathpalia, HOD (Obst & Gynae) ANIIMS ANIIMS
42 26-03-2016 Dialysis Dr. Dilip Kumar Pahari Medica Super Speciality Hospital, Kolkata
43 26-03-2016 What is new in urinary stone disease Prassana Kumar Mishra Medica Super specialty Hospital, Kolkata
44 19-03-2016 Empagliflozin: Next generation SGLT2 inhibitor? Prof. S. Venkataraman, Diabetologist, Apollo Hospital Chennai
45 12-03-2016 Management of Alcoholic Liver Disease & Viral Hepatitis Prof. Anil Arora | Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi.  
46 09-03-2016 Three interesting cases in Pediatrics Dr. T L Ratnakumari, HOD Pediatrics & team Dept. of Pediatrics, ANIIMS
47 21-02-2016 Common ear ailment at primary care setting Dr. Ashok Subramanian, ENT Specialist GBPH Port Blair
48 21-02-2016 Common Skin Disease Dr Abhishek Bharadwaj, MD, Associate Professor Dept. Of Dermatology, ANIIMS
49 19-02-2016 Comprehensive Eye Care at PHC Level ACOIN Kolkata  
50 15-02-2016 Alcoholic Liver Disease Dr. Bharat Kumar Gastroenterologist,Apollo Chennai
51 15-02-2016 Approach to Hepatitis B Virus Dr. Balasubramaniam Chennai
52 15-02-2016 Approach to prolonged Jaundice Dr. K.R.Palaniswamy Chennai
53 13-02-2016 Hepatic Encephalopathy Dr. Bharatkumar Gastroenterologist, Apollo Chennai
54 13-02-2016 Non Alcoholic fatty liver diseases Dr. Balasubramaniam Chennai
55 13-02-2016 Acute Pancreatitis Dr.K.R.Palaniswamy Chennai
56 23-01-2016 IBS Management Dr.Asim Majhi Kolkata
57 16-01-2016 Management of Anaemia in CKD Dr. D.S. Ray  
58 16-01-2016 Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis Dr. Abrajit Ray  
59 02-01-2016 Development of Mens Health as Integrated Specialty Prof. Rajeev Sood, HOD Urology RML Hospital Delhi
60 12-12-2015 Magic Box - Acute abdomen Dr. R. P. Choubey, Director, ANIIMS
61 08-12-2015 Leptospirosis Dr. Shiv Shankar Singh, MD Dept. Of Medicine, ANIIMS
62 08-12-2015 Alcohol as a systemic toxin Vice Admiral (Retd.) Dr. Anil Chand Anand, Ex-Director General of Medical Service (Navy)  
63 26-11-2015 Osteoarthritis of the knee Dr.Sunil Baliga Dept. Of Orthopedics, ANIIMS
64 07-11-2015 Role of Thromboprophylaxis in Medical & Surgical Patients Dr. Dominic Raymond, Hematologist Fortis Hospital, Chennai
65 31-10-2015 Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Dr.Anita Yadav Dept. Of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, ANIIMS
66 15-10-2015 AFP & Measles Surveillance WHO-NPSP Regional Team (East)  
67 25-09-2015 Current challenges in Medical Management in T2DM   Dr. Nilanjan Sengupta, Endocrinologist NRS Medical College, Kolkatta
68 24-09-2015 Writing a Scientific Manuscript Dr. Smita Dept. Of Anaesthesiology, GBPH Port Blair
69 19-09-2015 Management of Chronic Renal diseases GB Pant Hospital Dept. Of Medicine, ANIIMS
70 11-09-2015 Reappraisal of Alpha Blocker Dr. U. Ilayaraj, MD, DM (Cardio)  
71 05-09-2015 Recent Advances in the Management of Tumours Dr. Rayappa Surgical oncologist, Apollo specialty hospital
72 27-08-2015 Breast Cancer - An overview Dr. Karthik Ghosh Breast Clinic, Mayo Clinic
73 26-08-2015 Update - Medication for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Dr. Sanjay Shah, MRCP, FRCP NH Hospital, Kolkata
74 13-08-2015 Nephrotic Syndrome Dr. Ashok Dethe, MD Dept. Of Paediatrics, ANIIMS
75 30-07-2015 Basic Life Support Dr. A. L. Janardhan, MD Dept. Of Anaesthesiology, ANIIMS
76 16-07-2015 Minimal Access Surgery at GBPH - Out experience Dr. Saji Varghese, MS, Mch, FIAGES Dept. Of Surgery, ANIIMS
77 03-07-2015 Dengue : Epidemiology, Clinical Features and Management Dr. Shiv Shankar Singh, MD Dept. Of Medicine, ANIIMS
78 18-06-2015 Evolution of Cataract Surgery Dr. Seema Das Dept. Of Ophthalmology, ANIIMS
79 05-06-2015 Scars Dr. Abhishek Bhardwaj Dept. Of Dermatology
80 19-05-2015 Latest Trends in Dermatology Dr.Vinod Khurana HOD, Dept.of Dermatology, Sri Hindu Rao Hospital, New Delhi
81 10-05-2015 Trends in Urology Prof. Dr. Rajeev Sood Urologist
82 21-02-2015 Minimal invasive surgery in GBPH Dr. Saji Varghese, MS, Mch, FIAGES GBPH Port Blair
83 14-02-2015 Recent advances in spinal surgery Dr. Ravi Venkatesh Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

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