A 40 years old mother of two adults from Haddo was admitted to Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, G B Pant Hospital, (ANIIMS), on 16th February 2016 with complaints of progressively enlarging tummy. At the first sight she appeared to be 8 months pregnant but on detailed clinical and radiological evaluation, she was diagnosed to have a Fibroid uterus (A Benign Tumor), making the uterus completely non-functional with manifold increased chances of bleeding per vagina. Patient was grossly anaemic (Hemoglobin 5 gm %), (normal > 10 gm %). She was transfused 3 units of blood pre-operatively and then was operated by a team of Gynecologists from ANIIMS headed by Dr. S K Kathpalia on 25th February 2016 removing the whole Tumor along with her non-functional uterus. Tumor weighed 5.3 Kg. Patient has made uneventful post-operative recovery.

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