Department of Pathology

List of Teaching Staff

S.No Name Designation Qualification Registration UG/PG Date of joining Contact No. Email
1 Dr. ARCHANA H. DESHPANDE Professor and Head MBBS, MD (Path) UG 57525, 16.01.1987 (MMC)
PG 57525, 14.01.2010 (MMC)
10.12.2015 9373127804
2 Dr. GARGADE CHITRAWATI BAL Associate Professor MBBS, MD (Path) UG 78920, 19.02.1996 (MMC)
PG 78920, 27.09.1999 (MMC)
12.04.2016 8371020015
3 Dr. Ashwin Barsagade Assistant Professor MBBS, MD (Path)
4 Dr. Sushil Sharma Assistant Professor MBBS, MD (Path)
5 Dr. Seetu Palo Assistant Professor MBBS, MD (Path)
6 Dr. PUSHPANJALI Tutor MBBS, MD (Path) UG 38962 25.03.2010 (DMC)
11.06.2015 9650374095
7 Dr. POOJA GARG Tutor MBBS, MD (Path) UG 60581, 04.04.2011
23.08.2016 8699198148
8 Dr. SAMPA CHOUDHURY Tutor MBBS, MD (Path) MCI 17-24173
27.01.2017 7595895760
List of Non-Teaching Staff
Name Designation
Smt. Rajni Technician
Smt. Nagajyoti Technician
Shri. Babban Technician
Smt. Shahida Technician
Mr Kapil Technician
Ms. Geeta Sardar Asst. Technician
Ms. Rinku Bose Technician
Mr. GuruPrasad Technician
Mr. Suresh Asst. Technician
Ms. Sajjawati Asst. Technician
Ms. Molly Asst. Technician
Mr. Latheef Laboratory Attendant
Mr. Ajay Laboratory Attendant
Ms. Padma Store Keeper
Ms. Gomathi Office Attendant
Smt. Laxmi Sweepers

Overview of the Department

The Department of Pathology is presently located on the first floor of GB Pant Hospital, Port Blair. Department of Pathology plays two essential roles in the field of medicine, which includes educating the medical students and providing diagnostic services.

It is a branch of medicine, which links basic sciences with clinical symptoms and signs. It helps the medical students to understand the basic mechanism and pathophysiology of diseases. In the era of evidence-based medicine, Pathology plays a vital role in providing a conclusive diagnosis. The diagnostic sub-specialities available in the department include Histopathology, Cytopathology, Hematology, Special Hematology and Clinical Pathology.

Infrastructure and facilities:

Histopathology Laboratory

Histopathology lab is situated on the first floor. Small biopsies as well as large specimens are processed. Grossing, processing and reporting activities are carried out daily so that the treating clinician as well as the patient gets the report at the earliest.

In addition, clinical autopsies are performed as and when needed to provide final cause of death in cases with unclear diagnosis.

Cytopathology laboratory

Everyday, Fine needle aspiration procedures are performed so that rapid diagnosis is provided to the patient within 24 hours. Special techniques such as cell block preparation and immunocytochemistry is being established to aid in the diagnostic workup.

Body fluids, CSF analysis, semen analysis, Exfoliative cytology (including PAP smears for cervical screening) are routinely done.

Hematology laboratory

The hematology laboratory provides routine tests such as CBC, ESR, PCV, MP, Peripheral blood film examination. Laboratory has automated 5-part as well as 3-part cell counters. Hematology section also routinely performs coagulation tests. Work up for haemophilias and anaemias is being done.

Department library

The department library has enough number of latest books for faculty members to update their knowledge. Computer with internet facility is also available for E-learning.

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