Pharmacovigilance Program of India

The Pharmacovigilance Program of India (PvPI) was launched with a broad objective to safeguard the health of people of India. Adverse drug Reactions (ADRs) are reported from all over the country to NCC-PvPI, which also works in collaboration with the global ADR monitoring centre (WHO-UMC), Sweden to contribute in the global ADRs database. NCC-PvPI monitors ADRs among Indian population and helps the regulatory authority of India (Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, CDSCO) in taking decisions for safe use of medicines.

The mission of PvPI is to safeguard the health of the Indian population by ensuring that the benefit of use of medicine outweighs the risks associated with its use. Since there exist considerable social and economic consequences of adverse drug reactions and the positive benefit/cost ratio of implementing appropriate risk management - there is a need to engage healthcare professionals and the public at large, in a well structured program to build synergies for monitoring adverse drug reactions in the country.

The purpose of the PvPI is to collate data, analyse it and use the inferences to recommend informed regulatory interventions, besides communicating risks to healthcare professionals and the public. The broadened patient safety scope of Pharmacovigilance includes the detection of medicines of substandard quality as well as prescribing, dispensing and administration errors. Counterfeiting, antimicrobial resistance, and the need for real time surveillance in mass vaccinations are other Pharmacovigilance challenges which need to be addressed. The vision of PvPI is to improve patient safety and welfare in Indian population by monitoring drug safety and thereby reducing the risk associated with use of medicines. The ultimate safety decisions on medicines may need considerations of comparative benefit/risk evaluations between products for similar indications.

ANIIMS Port Blair joined PvPI as an ADR Monitoring centre (AMC) in July 2015.

Adverse drug reactions can be reported to ANIIMS Port Blair by Telephone at 9474235064 /9850889891

E-mail Reports at

ADR reporting forms are available at: AMC Centre/ OPD Registration Counter /all OPDs and wards of ANIIMS Port Blair and can also be downloaded from the ANIIMS Port Blair website. For any other queries and suggestions please contact us at the above number or mail id. For more information on Pharmacovigilance Program of India you can visit IPC PVPI

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