Dr. Ranabir Pal MD, PhD, MBBS (Honours), DCH, MBA, FAIMER FELLOW, MAMS, M.N.A.Sc.

Professor and Head, Department of Community Medicine

PhD Thesis: ‘Diagnosis of pulmonary diseases by the analysis of exhaled breath with a colorimetric sensor array’ Identifier to cite or link to this item: http://hdl.handle.net/10603/41277 [online] Available at: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/41277

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2.Training/Conference attended:

Sl. No.Evidence presentation / Guest lecture/ Shared communications Conference/ VenueDate/ Month/ Year Level
1.Resource person: Round Table: 'Human factors and Patient safety, India' – jointly organized by AIIMS, MIND Associates and MUHS11th Annual INDO-US World Congress of Emergency Medicine, Delhi2nd October 2015 INDUS-EM 2015
2.Chairperson: "PUBLIC HEALTH-EM INTERPHASE"SYMPOSIUM IBID INDUS-EM 20153rd Oct 2015 International
3.EMCORD-INDIA: "Problems faced by Emergency medicine residency program"IBID: INDUS-EM 2015 3-4 October 2015International
4.Resource Person and Expert: ICMR ‘Injury Registry Meeting’AIIMS, Delhi3rd October 2015 International
5.Invited Speaker: CME 'Why it is important to publish? How to publish in a journal?'Academy of Family Physician of India: Delhi State conference 6th Sept 2015National
6.Invited Speaker: ‘Lessons learned from the Traumatic Brain Injury Pilot Study: How it could be better?’ in the Symposium "Developing Registry for Traumatic Brain Injury in India"NEUROTRAUMA 24th Annual Conference of Neurotrauma Society of India NIMHANS Bangalore 21-23 August 2015National
7.Paper: Profile of dog bite cases in the urban field practice area of a medical college at Kolkata14th World Public Health Congress Science City, Kolkata 9-14 January 2015 International
8.Invited Speaker: Value & Price of technology in Public Health: Mumbai University102nd Indian Science Congress 3-7 January 2015 National
9.Paper: Profile of dog bite cases in the urban field practice area of a medical college at Kolkata14th World Congress on Public Health Science City, Kolkata 9-14 February 2015International
10.ROUND TABLE: "Road Map to Road Safety and Public Health" held in Committee Room, VC Office, King George Medical UniversityIndo-US Trauma Initiative Conference INDUS-EM 2014 KGMU, Lucknow 18 October 2014International
11.EMCORD-INDIA: 3rd Annual Session on Challenges and OpportunitiesINDUS-EM 2014 Era's Medical College, Lucknow 17 October 2014International
12.Paper: Clinical connotation of variation in origin and insertion of Biceps brachii NATCON-61 PGIMER, ChandigarhNovember 2013National
13.Paper: Impact of Antarctica Winters on Vital and Nutritional Parameters IPY 2012 Montreal, CanadaApril 2012International
14.Paper: Risk factors of hypertension among adult rural population in Bihar IAPSMCON 2011 Berhampur, OrissaFebruary 2011National
15.Paper: Tobacco use in Indian High School Students', P-26.IAPSMCON 2010 RIMS, Ranchi February 2010National
16.Paper: Assessment of impact of small group teaching among students NCHPE, 2009
Pune, Maharashtra
December 2009National
17.Paper: Ascendancy of Life Style Diseases in Sikkim XXVI National Conference of Indian Society for Medical StatisticsNovember 2008National

3. Life Member:

International Epidemiological Association [Elmer Villanueva Sponsored Member 2010-2012]; John Snow Society; HIFA 2015; IndiaCLEN (India Chapter of International Clinical Epidemiological Network INCLEN); White Ribbon Alliance; Emergency Medicine Association, International Confederation of Epidemiological Association; Nepal Epidemiological Association;

Indian Science Congress Association; The National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI); National Academy of Medical Sciences; Indian Medical Association; Indian Academy of Paediatrics (Central and West Bengal State Chapter); Academy of Family Physicians of India: Member of WONCA; Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine (Central and West Bengal State Chapter); Indian Public Health Association; Indian Association for Adolescent Health; Indian Society for Medical Statistics; Nutrition Society of India; Indian Red Cross Society; Indian Society of Health Administrators; Consortium Against Rabies; St. John Ambulance Association; Bombay Management Association.
4. Awards/Achievements

1. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Topic: ‘Diagnosis of pulmonary diseases by the analysis of exhaled breath with a colorimetric sensor array’ 2015 from Sikkim Manipal University.
2. Felicitation and Award: Contribution in Medicine and Public Health from Rotary Club of East Calcutta: 1st July 2015.
3. Member (M.N.A.Sc.): National Academy of Sciences India (NASI) 2015
4. Member (M.A.M.S.): National Academy of Medical Sciences 2014
5. International Epidemiological Association sponsored membership for ‘Elmer Villanueva Sponsorship Fund’ for 2010-2012: IEA book ‘The development of Modern Epidemiology’, 3 year free membership & Oxford Journal ‘International Journal of Epidemiology’ 2010-2012.
6. Felicitation and Award: ‘The Distinguished Academician and Researcher of the year 2011’ from INDO-US Academic Council for Emergency and Trauma (ACET) conferred at INDUS-EM Conference.
7. Certificate of Appreciation: ‘Champion for Children’ from ‘Save the Children’ 2011
8. FAIMER Fellow (Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research, Philadelphia ECFMG-USA) RI, Christian Medical College, Ludhiana 2009.
9. Fellow of the International Medical Sciences Academy, 2007.
10. Fellow of the Indian Public Health Association, 2007
11. Trainee Fellowship in Community Pediatrics of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics for the year 2006 for training in ‘Health Promotion’ at PGIMER, Chandigarh, 2006.
12. Fellow of National Environmental Science Academy 2006 in Community Pediatrics.
13. Rank Third (65.3%) Music appreciation Course:, recognized by West Bengal State Music Academy, Calcutta 1998.
14. Sangeet Visharad 1998-99 in ‘Rabindra Sangeet’, Sarba Bharatiya Sangeet-O-Sanskriti Parishad, West Bengal State Academy of Dance, Drama, Music and Fine Arts, Calcutta.
15. Fellow 1983 Indian Academy of General Practice, Member of WONCA.
16. College Scholarship for outstanding performance in the 3rd year College Level Examination Medical College, Calcutta and but forgone to enjoy the same for enjoying the National Scholarship from Govt. of India for high marks, 1976.
17. Distinction and Honors in Chemistry in First MBBS Part 1 University level examination with 82% marks (Topper).
18. Distinction (Letter) in Mathematics Higher Secondary Education, West Bengal, 1973
19. National Scholarship for outstanding performance in the school leaving examination from Ramakrishna Mission to enjoy National Scholarship from Govt. of India at all levels of Undergraduate MBBS and Post-graduate Medical Education DCH and MD for 70.6 percent marks in the State Level in the Higher Secondary Examination (11th std.) conducted by West Bengal Board of Higher Secondary Education, West Bengal 1973

5. Contribution in text books:
Title/Book/Chapter contribution:Author/Co-author/ Contributor/ Reviewer

1. *Pal R, Sarker G, Sinha D. Medicolegal Issues in Blood Transfusion Practice in Eds. Singh V P. Legal Issues in Medical Practice: Medicolegal Guidelines for Safe Practice. Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd. New Delhi, India, 2015; pp189-196.
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3. Pal R, Singh A. ‘Controversies in Health Promotion—The Question of Ethics’ in Eds. Singh A, Goel S, Kathiresan J. HEALTH PROMOTION II Need for Public Health Activism 2013; LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, IBID; Chapter 62: pp 402-414.
4. Pal R, Pal S. ‘Clinical Epidemiology of Osteoporosis’ Chapter in Gill SS, Garg R, Bansal P Eds. ‘Osteoporosis- A Review’, 1st ed. Gulab Publishers, New Delhi 2013; pp 1-21.
5. ‘A Handbook on Bio-Statistics’, for undergraduate and post-graduate medical students, and residents. Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine, West Bengal State Chapter 2008.
6. ‘Tracking Progress towards Sustainable Elimination of Iodine Deficiency Disorder in Sikkim’ 2008: Data Management & Analysis team, IDD cell, Govt of Sikkim & Indian Coalition for Control of IDD, AIIMS, New Delhi.
7. ‘Spotters in Pediatrics’1st ed. Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd., India, 2008.ISBN 978-81.8448-249-2
8. Rustagi N, Pal R, Dudeja P. Good cooking practices in kitchen in Eds. Singh A, Dudeja P. Food borne illness: The role of food safety in contemporary Indian society Elsevier International 2015 (In press)
9. *Pal R. University Grant Commission e-PG Pathshala- e-content development for ‘Social Medicine and Community Health’ Chapter a. NHPP1: Evolution of Health Policy in India b. NHPP3: National Education Policy1986 c. NHPP10 National Health Policy 2002

10. Title Publications a. *Pal R. Children Today. Sristi Publications, Kolkata, 2001 b. *Pal R. Health & Consciousness! Thallasemia, AIDS, Child health, Blood donation. Published in the proceedings of observance of Health Education workshop by Bigyan O Sanskritik Parisad, Kolkata, 1995. c. *Pal R. Water-borne Disease, Norman Bethune Public Health Movement Series 10, Kolkata, 1987.

11. Reviewer of Book Chapter a. *Pal R: ‘Descriptive Statistics with a Purpose’ in Biswas R, Martin CM. Eds. ‘User-driven healthcare and narrative medicine: utilizing collaborative social networks and technologies’. IGI Global Hershey Pennsylvania USA 2010 b. *Pal R: ‘Bio-medical Waste Management Scenario-Problems and Solutions’, ‘Health Promoting Hospitals: A Novel Concept’, ‘Security in Hospitals- Challenges and Possible Solutions’. Eds. Goel S, Gupta AK, Singh AJ. Hospital Administration- A Problem Solving Approach. Elsevier 2014.

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