Covid Vaccine Certificate Download Direct Cowin, Arogya Setu, Digilocker

Covid vaccine certificate is the certificate which is issued by government of India once you will get your first and second dose. This works as a proof that the person mention in the certificate is vaccinated and can avail services. This is the official document which proofs that you take both the first and second dose and you are fully vaccinated. With the help of this document you can travel to different states or a country without any hurdle. On this certificate there is a 13 digit ID with the help of that one can fetch all the details of that particular person.

As number of vaccine is going to increase due to constantly spread of coronavirus cases. So that it can reach to number of people and cover wider people above 18 year of age. When you received your first dose you will get a certificate of partially vaccinated, once you have get both the dose then you will get a certificate of fully vaccinated. After that you can easily roam states and other countries. This certificate become essential now days, without this you can not travel also you are not allowed to give exams and many more problems you can suffer. So get your vaccination fast to avail services. If you are here to know the answer of how to download covid vaccine certificate then read the below article and download your certificate. Now you all are aware about how important this certificate in today’s time, so get it it fast by following below steps.

How to download covid certificate from cowin

There are many platform from where you can download your covid vaccine certificate one of that are COWIN. This is the most popular website people use to register their vaccine slots. Now we are providing you all the details of how you can download your certificate from COWIN.

You can download your fist dose certificate as well as second dose fully vaccinated certificate too. There are other applications also from where you get your covid vaccine certificate like Arogya Setu , Digilocker, Umang, Whatsapp.

Here are the step by which you can easily download your covid vaccine certificate:

  1. First step is to open the browser and write
  2. Then click on the sign up option,
  3. Add your register mobile number and get on OTP,
  4. After adding one time password you can easily see your vaccination details
  5. Then scroll down a little bit and you will see the option at last of download certificate.
  6. By clicking this option you can easily get your vaccination certificate on your phone.
  7. You can take a print out of this certificate if you want.

How to download covid vaccine certificate from Arogya Setu

Here you will get detailed information about how to download covid vaccine certificate from Arogya Setu application. This is the government website which tell you the status and graph of vaccination and how many people are infected from coronavirus. You can also book your slot using Arogya Setu application. If you have completed your vaccination and wandering to get your vaccination certificate then continue reading this paragraph.

  1. Download Arogya Setu application from google play store or Apple store.
  2. Then sign up using your details and add mobile number,
  3. Click on the cowin at the top of the application,
  4. Then click on the vaccination certificate after that enter your 13 digit id and get your vaccination certificate easily.

How to get your covid vaccination certificate from Digilocker

Digilocker is an Indian digitization online service provided by government of India from where you can save your necessary documents like your marksheet, Aadhar Card, Driving License etc. This application also helps people to download Covid Vaccine certificate easily with just few steps. Follow below steps and get your certificate. This is a very useful application in which we can save our important documents without the fear of lost.

  1. First you need to download digilocker application from your google play store
  2. Log in by adding your details like your email id, your Aadhar card number and many more,
  3. After that you will see many information on the page but you just have to scroll down and click on the health option,
  4. Then click on Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,
  5. Click on the covid vaccination certificate that is pop up on that page,
  6. Enter 13 digit Id here and get your certificate on your mobile phone.

Important information about covid vaccine certificate

As we all know the importance of covid vaccine certificate as it become compulsory document to avail many government services also required for hustle free travelling. After reading above paragraph you are aware about how to download covid vaccine certificate. But there is one more question left that is whether the certificate is genuine or not. So here you will get answer of this query. We are providing you some step by following this process you can check authenticity of your covid vaccine certificate. Read down below and verify your certificate now.

Fist you have to open the COWIN application in your browser then add your mobile number and enter OTP after that you will see a option of verify certificate, then click on that option, you will get a QR code, scan that code by using your phone camera or scanner, once it get scanned you will received a message saying your covid vaccine certificate is verified. If you have facing some problem in scanning then it is not a genuine certificate.

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